The world of Pierre Bourdon


Philosophy and values

The best of all. In his own perfume line Pierre Bourdon has the freedom to realise his original ideas, wishes and visions, without any compromises.

Traditional wisdom, newly interpreted. Pierre Bourdon uses his great experience, his unique knowledge of perfumery to develop exceptional fragrances. His wish is to enchant perfume-lovers with authentic fragrance creations. This new, exclusive perfume line symbolises a modern, warm way of individuality and vitality with the right degree of French savoir vivre.


The Quality

Pierre Bourdon presents unique fragrances of the highest quality. He combines the best natural ingredients with his passion for elegance and luxury. It is his personal tribute to the world of perfumery. In that way perfume becomes pure poetry.


The Design

The Design reflects the perfume´s high value ingredients. It is straight, precious and luxurious. The packaging design appears at the same time classic and modern. The glass is produced in France and captivates the observer through its perfect glass distribution, simplicity and brilliance. It represents a sophisticated frame for the essential: the fragrances.